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Cloud Software Service

Geek Tech Sol is Providing Cloud and on Premises POS & ERP Solutions for almost all kinds of Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Services and Enterprise Businesses.

Here are a few key features

  • Accessibility over Internet makes it world class mobile.
  • Multiple Users and Multiple Client Machines work Simultaneously.
  • SSL Secure Connection which makes the passwords and sensitive data secure!
  • Updates, Fixes and Patches remotely and seamlessly.

Explore and Decide yourself.

We have POS Demos Live you can give them a try and decide.

Retail / Cash & Carry

POS Demo for Retail Store user: password: admin user: password: sales

Restaurant / Café

POS Demo for Restaurant user: password: admin user: password: sales

Pharmacy / Medical Store

POS Demo for Pharmacy user: password: admin user: password: sales

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